Eating out while traveling

by Martha Haber
(Long Beach, CA)

On a recent trip I discovered a Whole Foods Market near my hotel. They have freshly made cooked cereal and hard boiled eggs at their breakfast bar, which I supplemented with fresh fruit and yogurt. I was able to avoid the higher priced standard coffee shop breakfasts and eat healthier fare for a cheaper price. And no tipping required.

I also would stop at Whole Foods after my day of sightseeing and their cooked items and fresh salads were much more appetizing than burgers, fried chicken, etc. from the chain restaurants. I would take my dinner back to my hotel, and dine with my feet up and relax, again spending less than usual for dinner at the run of the mill restaurants, and eating a more nutritious meal.

I'll be on the lookout for Whole Foods on upcoming trips.

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