drying clothes

by Audrey

One day I opened the lid of the washing machine after the cycle had completed. There was a sudden emergency and I had to run off and rescue my husband when his car broke down. When I returned the clothes felt half as wet and only took minutes to dry. So I decided to buy some old time wooden clothes dryers and hang the clothes just till they were slightly damp. At that point I put them in the dryer. At the end of the month I saved at least $50.00 off the price of my normal electric. It was during the summer months and the average temp was about the same as the previous month. We spent the same amount of time home that month and used our air conditioning as usual, but my bill was $50 less. Doesn't sound like much but $600 dollars a year can help pay the home taxes. I try to do a load big enough of darks or lights so as not to waste water or the wash cycle electric. Hanging outside might be better but I physically can't lug the baskets out the door. You should pick a window area to stand the dryers. Unless your expecting company, who cares. you don't have to hang the clothes in any particular way. They should still be slightly damp when you put them in the dryer. Which doesn't take long either unless they are bath towel and they come out of the last part of the dryer as good as usual.

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