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Being frugal is imperative in our current economic times.

Piggybank pictureThis website addresses the special needs of seniors and helps them stretch their retirement savings.

We must live on a fixed income and make that income go as far as we possibly can.  We must budget our resources so we run out of life before we run out of money.  That is a blunt way of stating our goal, but that is reality. 

The Social Security Administration announced on October 13, 2017 that the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2018 will be 2.0%.

The cost of living adjustment per cent (COLA) for Social Security in 2018 was the highest in several years.  Here is the recent COLA data:

2005  2.7%
2006  4.1%
2007  3.3%
2008  2.3%
2009  5.8%
2010     0%
2011     0%
2012  3.6%
2013  1.7%
2014  1.5%
2015   1.7%
2016     0%
2017  0.3%
2018  2.0%

Are You Maximizing Your Retirement Income?

The most important information we can provide you is how to increase your retirement income.  This will have the largest positive impact on your retirement standard of living.  Increasing income will help you much quicker than trying to cut expenses when you already have cut your expenses to the bone.  You first need to bring in dollars rather than save pennies.

Make certain that you read this since you could be passing up Social Security benefits that you are due.

Learn ways to increase your retirement income

Learn ways to cut your living expenses

You probably already cut your expenses, but someone always finds a way to cut them some more.  Learn new expense reduction tips and contribute some of yours to the group.

Check out ways to cut your living expenses.

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Frugal Blog helps seniors living on a fixed income stretch their money and live a better life. Frugal Senior addresses the special needs of seniors.
Maximize Retirement Income
Maximize Retirement Income - Get much faster and more significant results by maximizing your retirement income
Maximize Social Security
Maximize Social Security Benefits - How much money are you leaving on the table?
Retirement Living Expenses - Frugal Senior
Retirement Living Expenses - Frugal Senior
Retirement Living Expenses Calculator
Download the Retirement Living Expenses Calculator and use it to develop a budget. This calculator is based on the average expenses of 27 million couples in the US.
Living Expenses
Cut Your Living Expenses using the tips and information on Frugal
Housing Expenses
Housing Expenses are the largest expense category for most seniors. Discover how to cut your housing expenses.
Food Costs in Retirement
Food Costs in Retirement for Thrifty Seniors. Helping seniors save money on food costs.
Transportation Cost
Transportation cost is the second largest cost for a Frugal Senior. Learn how to save money on your transportation cost.
Frugal Resources
Frugal Resources help seniors living on a fixed income stretch their money.
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Frugal Books for Thrifty Seniors. Recommendations from my personal library to help you improve your standard of living
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