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We seniors live on fixed incomes, and we must make our incomes stretch as far as we possibly can. Read this blog to learn tricks and techniques.

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Oct 20, 2012

Frugal Senior Online Community

Frugal is a community of seniors helping each other stretch their dollars and find ways to live a better life on a fixed income.

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Oct 19, 2012

Household Expenses

Household Expenses are a challenge to cut when you think you have cut as far as you can. Someone always has a better idea about how to cut some more.

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Oct 19, 2012

Food Costs in Retirement

Food Costs in Retirement for Thrifty Seniors. Helping seniors save money on food costs.

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Oct 19, 2012

Frugal Blog for Seniors

Frugal Blog helps seniors living on a fixed income stretch their money and live a better life. Frugal Senior addresses the special needs of seniors.

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Oct 19, 2012

Frugal Senior Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Frugal We will guard the privacy of personal information provided by those visiting and interacting with this web site.

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Oct 19, 2012

Frugal Senior Disclosure Policy

Frugal Senior Disclosure Policy. We want full disclosure so you know that this is a for profit website.

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Oct 19, 2012

About Us at Frugal

Frugal Senior About Us Page. Learn about John and Linda Howe - creators of Frugal

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Oct 19, 2012

Transportation Cost

Transportation cost is the second largest cost for a Frugal Senior. Learn how to save money on your transportation cost.

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Oct 18, 2012

Living Expenses

Cut Your Living Expenses using the tips and information on Frugal With ZERO Social Security cost of living increase for 2010, you have no choice

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Oct 17, 2012

Retirement Living Expenses

Retirement Living Expenses - Compare your retirement living expenses to the average of 27 million other couples in the US.

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Oct 17, 2012

Retirement Living Expenses Calculator

Download the Retirement Living Expenses Calculator and use it to develop a budget. This calculator is based on the average expenses of 27 million couples in the US.

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Oct 11, 2012

T & A

Providing for my wife who has a limited working career is paramount for inflation adjusted SS benefits, so maximization of SS along with survivor benefits

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Oct 11, 2012

Social Security Inside Out

I bought, read and highly recommend SOCIAL SECURITY INSIDE OUT by Robert Bruce, a retired SS administrator. Lots of great tips.

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Sep 22, 2012

Household Magic Daily Tips

This daily newsletter contains cost savings and household tips that every household can use. The daily newsletter to your email address provides common

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Sep 20, 2012

Eating out while traveling

On a recent trip I discovered a Whole Foods Market near my hotel. They have freshly made cooked cereal and hard boiled eggs at their breakfast bar, which

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Sep 20, 2012

Clear Stopped Up Drains

One of the best ways to keep your drains clean is to purchase a Zip-It Drain Cleaning tool. Prices vary online, but Home Depot sells them for $2.48. Use

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Apr 21, 2012

Articles by John Howe

Articles by John Howe from

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Dec 18, 2011

Rent out the room!

When I lost my job, lost my home, and all benefits, I knew I had to do something. My rental on my trailer and 7 acres is 450.00. I was able to find lady

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Dec 18, 2011


I was able to retire from being a RN at 56 because I had been very frugal and invested in real estate but I was miserable being retired. I tried many different

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May 29, 2011

Frugal Resources

Frugal Resources help seniors living on a fixed income stretch their money.

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Jan 14, 2011

Maximize Social Security

Maximize Social Security Benefits - How much money are you leaving on the table?

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Aug 21, 2010

Frugal Senior Site Search

Frugal Senior Site Search will help you find whatever topic you want within Enter the search term and let Google search do the rest

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Aug 21, 2010

Contact Thank You Page

Contact Thank You Page

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Aug 21, 2010

Contact Page

Frugal Senior Contact Page

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Aug 21, 2010

drying clothes

One day I opened the lid of the washing machine after the cycle had completed. There was a sudden emergency and I had to run off and rescue my husband

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